Incidents with luggage
What todo in case of an incident of Luggage?

In the event of incidents with checked luggage (deterioration, delay or loss), you must immediately go proceed as described below:

1) Contact Lost&Found before leaving the arrivals area so the Handling Agent formalize a claim in writing (PIR** or DBR*). With this document passenger will receive a letter with the first informations about the process.

2) With the Claim Form, the Handling Agent will inform about the passenger rights and inform that is available a Night Kit to fulfill the passenger’s first needs at Binter’s office in the airport.

3) The Handling Agent will inform that, for the first 5 days (If the passenger does not receive the luggage sooner), any information will be provided by them. After 5 days the passenger can contact TICV’s Client Support Department:

Telephone: 00238-4360036

** PIR - Property Irregularity Report

* DBR - Damage Property Report

Delayed Luggage

In the event of delay or damage to baggage, the airline is liable for damage if it has not taken all reasonable measures to avoid such damage or has been unable to take such measures. Regulatory Decree No. 3/2006. In respect of checked baggage, company is liable, even if is free from fault, unless the baggage was already damaged. The carrier may limit its liability when the baggage contains fragile, valuable or perishable articles and which, when handled, suffer normal and unavoidable wear. If the hold baggage is damaged, delayed, lost or destroyed, the passenger must notify immediately, before leaving the arrival area, at the airline counters (or if the airline is not present at the airport to his handling agent or representative) at the airport. If the damaged luggage is hold baggage, the passenger shall indicate it in writing within 7 days of the date of delivery

Loss of Luggage

Loss of baggage occurs when it does not arrive within 21 days of the date it should have arrived. (Regulatory Decree No. 3/2006). For certain types of items, the passenger may set a higher liability limit by making a special declaration of maximum value up to the time of check-in and payment of an additional fare, and the conditions and fares may be consulted with the airline.

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