Carry-on baggage

baggage which the passenger may take on board at no additional cost

1 piece (maximum 45x25x35 cm. and 6 kg.) + personal objects.*

*Consult details of allowed content.


Passengers are allowed to carry certain light and small objects as carry-on luggage (e.g., handbag, camera, laptop, etc) as long as they do not exceed 6 kg and do not measure more than 45 x 25 x 35 cm. If the carry-on luggage does not meet any of these conditions, it will be checked-in for stowing in the hold. You are informed that, for safety reasons, once you are on board the aircraft the carry-on luggage must be placed under the seat or in the overhead bin; if this is not possible, it must be stowed in the hold.

IMPORTANT: In International flights, the hand baggage must always be identified as such at the check-in desks with the relevant labels. The passenger who presents himself for boarding with unidentified baggage and exceeds the measurements established will have to be checked-in and the corresponding excess baggage paid.


For security reasons, objects that may be used as an offensive or defensive weapon (scissors, metal files, nail cutters, letter openers, paper cutters, aerosols, sticks, etc) or items that can present a risk must be checked in as luggage, never in the cabin. See prohibited items here.


Only small amounts of liquids may be taken in your carry-on luggage. These liquids must be in small containers with a maximum individual capacity of 100 ml in a self-closing transparent plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1 litre (approximately 20 x 20 cm) to facilitate the inspection of these products in the security controls.

Passengers must provide themselves with these bags before starting the journey.

For the purposes of the new measures, the following are considered liquids:

- Creams, lotions and oils including toothpaste.

- Perfumes

- Gel such as, for example, shower gel or shampoo.

- Contents of pressurised containers including shaving cream, other foams and deodorants

- Aerosols

- Any other substance of similar consistency


Medicines for use during the flight (including the outbound flight, the stay and the return flight) can be included in hand luggage by showing them separately in the security controls but not within the transparent bag. Proof of authenticity may be required.

Food (babies)

Baby food for use during the journey can be included in carry-on luggage by showing it separately in the security controls but not within the transparent bag. Proof of authenticity may be required.

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