Unaccompanied minors

The aeronautical regulation limits the number of unaccompanied minors per aircraft, so it is important that you inform your petition at the time of booking, which must be confirmed by TICV to ensure the service.

Children under 5 years old, without a companion, will not be accepted for travel.

Reservation Requirements:

  • - Name of the adult accompanying the minor, at the departure airport, ID number and telephone contact.
  • - Name of the adult who will receive the minor, at the airport of arrival, ID number and telephone contact.

Requirements for flight day service:

- The adult must report with the child sufficiently in advance at the airport and must, at the time of the child's check-in, provide the minor's documentation that must include:

  • - Booking ticket confirmed for the entire trip.
  • - Valid and original child identification document.

- The guardian of the minor shall not leave the airport until the airplane takes off.

- The adult who has taken custody of the minor must be present at the airport of arrival and identify with the company staff for the reception of the minor. For this purpose must have the identity document.

Reservations for this service are not permitted for minors, in the case of flights connecting with other carriers, or on TICV flights where the journey requires an overnight stop at an intermediate stop.

Handling personnel will be responsible for the child from the moment the flight starts at the Passenger Terminal, with documentation and check-in done. They must accompany the child to the airplane and hand the child over to the flight crew, who will accommodate the child conveniently on board, in a place designated to have the child under custody and attention.

Handling personnel will receive the minor upon arrival and will deliver to the authorized person / s at the airport's passenger terminal. These authorized person (s) must prove their identity by presenting the ID / Passport.

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